LWD App Licensing

The LWD App helps you to organize all your data in projects and several data collection sessions, which are used to organize the location where the drop measurements take place. The App uses the GPS on your device to show and record the location.

Standard License

In the light (free of charge) version you get:

  • Ability to create hierarchal databases for data collection (Project, Session, and Location).
  • Input data collection attributes, assumptions & comments.
  • Ability to collect real time GPS location.
  • Ability to capture and tag photo images on each test location.
  • Offline data acquisition.
  • Instant surface modulus results, figures, and summary tables, on Location, Session, and Project level.
  • Data export and sharing for post-processing with LWDMod or similar program.
  • The database file from your LWD App can be shared via email or exported directly to the phone’s memory.

LWD Pro License

The LWD Pro App package is issued per LWD and can be used on multiple phones/tablets. The  Pro license gives you access to statistics on location, session, and project level, and compaction calculations for each station and updated for every drop. The Pro license includes everything in the standard license as well.

  • Compaction Quality Control and Statistics module providing different compaction criteria to determine percentage compaction according to MNDOT, INDOT, TPF 5-285, Italian ANAS and UK specifications.
  • Statistics on location, sessions and project level, including the possibility to customize to show the statistical value required.


If you have any questions regarding licensing or wish to purchase a Pro license, please contact our Support Team by filling out a form here or contact your Dynatest Sales Representative.